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Frequently Ask Questions?

HealthMitra is one of the fastest growing, professional managed national level health care organizations for providing quality medical services to millions of Indians. HealthMitra has medical practitioners (of all specializations) and a huge medical referral network. HealthMitra is recognized for directing members to the best available medical and dental care and diagnostics centers no matter where they are around the country. Only credentialed, qualified medical professionals are part of the HealthMitra referral network to provide high quality health care to members.

HealthMitra is focused solely on building and managing a general health network. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to build lasting relationships with HealthMitra customers, as well as practicing doctors and laboratories. Our goal is to provide patients with a network of dentists, Laboratories and doctors who will provide quality services to members while creating savings for the patients. HealthMitra is not an insurance plan. The HealthMitra network is a network of participating dentists, doctors, clinics and labs, who have agreed to pass on high concessions to patients according to the HealthMitra concession schedule.

An association with HealthMitra would provide the following benefits:

  • Patient Flow: Here we can work on guiding a requisite number of patients requiring treatments to your Medical Facility on a regular basis.
  • Empanelment with a School, Corporate, RWA or Institution: You could be empanelled with a school or corporate or institution as an ‘Empanelled Medical Practitioner’. If desired you can have regular visits to the corporate we have tied up with.
  • Professional Consultancy: With our expertise in the field of marketing (& after having handled more than 1 million Indian customers) we can consult you on how to run or re-launch your practice and have a successful & well established practice. We can handle & support your clinic- all you need to do is focus on your core work of treating patients.

HealthMitra is a low fee preventive health care provider. It has designed plans for health conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral & general health and minimize health care expenses. Preventive programs need to be organized in such a manner that every member of the community reaches the clinics so that it can have impact on the health status of the community, and that is what HealthMitra is working towards.

All medical practitioners in the network have been credentialed and satisfy the standards specified by our empanelment committee. The criteria used to evaluate medical practitioners include:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience treating patients
  • Local reputation
  • Availability
  • Clinic location, area and level of hygiene